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Preview The LongingJacqueline Vincent Author

Jacqueline reads the first chapter of her soon to be released near future sci-fi, LGBTQ novel The Longing. A moral dilemma which will tear at Stephen’s and Paul’s love for each other, will it destroy them. And time is running out!

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Horse Tales

Thank you to S Bush for the invitation to write for the Cyberworld Publishing and The Good Life in Galicia blog, about my children’s stories.

A combination of my passion for horses, a love of Enid Blyton’s adventure stories, and a fascination for history inspired me to write my first book for children.

Amalie, A Perilous Journey, The Bronze Age chronicles book one, published on Amazon late last year, is a girl with horse adventure story written for children between the ages of 8 and 13, (in US terms Middle Grade). The first three chapters are in The Good Life in Galicia 2019.

A brief summary.

When Amalie and Roble, her pony, return from camping in the mountains, she learns of her family’s death caused by a sick traveller. At their gravesides, she makes a promise to journey to the market in Os Pericos on the Galician coast, sell her family’s produce and meet her mate. This journey will take her through perilous country, test her skills and courage, and expose her to wolves, raging rivers and thieves.

A work in progress cover

And another children’s, girl with horse novel, almost ready to publish is Gelvira, the Goth. The first in the Barbarian series, set along the northern coast of Spain during the 4th and 5th C. A time when the Romans were driving the local tribes, known as the Barbarian hordes, out of Germany as they retreated to Rome. Gelvira, is a spoilt only child who rides her chestnut stallion, Hawk, a present from her papa and avoids completing her chores. After the sacking of their village, the few remaining inhabitants, including Gelvira and her mama, travel with ox waggons and their few possessions to find a new home. The elders decide to give her and her friends the task of finding a new home for the tribe, and also to keep her and her friends out of mischief.

I have also written and self-published two non-horsey shorts available on Amazon.

Here Be Dragons is a treasure hunt with an unusual prize set in Galicia, the shorter version was first published in The Good Life in Galicia, and ‘X’ Marks the Spot, another treasure hunt with an historical bent.

Podcast Show: Horse Tales

Children’s story podcast

I have my first podcast show up and running – Jacqueline Vincent Author, for my adult content. My second podcast show especially for children will, as the title suggests, be about stories with horses. Aimed at 8 to 13 (Middle Grade) year olds who are my target audience and who love horses. The content will include complete short stories, and a series for chapters of longer novel length stories. The podcasts will also include my contact details and ratings to allow parents to choose whether my content is suitable listening for their children. This show is a work in progress and has yet to go live.

Thank you

From day one after my decision to press the Amazon self-publish button, life has been a gigantic roller-coaster ride with some exhilarating highs and crashing lows. I’ve learnt from other authors, editors and courses about the self-publishing industry and its complexities. I have so much more to learn but a day at a time I improve, fill my knowledge bank and develop into the writer I want to be.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman


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