The Good Life in Galicia Competition: The Good News

The Good Life in Galicia competition is open to stories and poems from anyone, anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that the work is about Galicia in a major way. And entries must be written in English.

There has been some confusion that the entrants must live, or have lived, in Galicia. This is not true. We want as many people from as many places as possible to enter. The whole reason the competition was started was to increase awareness of Galicia among non Spanish people.

Spain is not just the southern summer holiday coast and bullfighting. Spain is also the steep vineyards the heroic vineyards of the Riberira Sacra region in Galicia. The beaches on the rias along the coast. Galicia has more miles/kilometers of coastline than Spain has on the Mediterranean. The Spaniards already know it’s a great place. A lot of them holiday here.

When I first discovered Galicia, while surfing the internet looking for houses for sale in Spain, I had never heard to it. But I soon fell in love with the place–before I even arrived here. And I love it more now that I am lucky enough to live here.

The Good Life competition has had an international flavour from the beginning, and after five competitions, 2016–2020, there have now been entries from people who live in India, New Zealand, Australia, America and the UK. It is wonderful to see such a variety of places represented in our entries. To know that people in these places are becoming aware of Galicia, many of them only through the competition.

Robin Hillard from Australia has been an entrant in several competitions. She has never been here, yet she has written excellent factual pieces about Galica, all researched on the internet. I particularly enjoyed her latest one (which appears in the 2020 Anthology) about the Eiros caves and their Neanderthal inhabitants.

It’s also very satisfying to see entries come from Galicians, and Spaniards from other regions. Galicians are deeply connected to the land through family, as in Vanessa De La Puentas lovely story about her Grandfather in The Man of the Vines. (The Good Life in Galicia )

They also know its legends, learned as children, and are able to pass them on to the rest of us. Noelia Roca Jones loves the old legends and her stories telling them have contributed an historic traditional aspect to the competition anthologies. Stores of mermaids living in the rivers of Galicia and the ghosts haunting the old caminos.

More advice and info about the Good Life in Galicia Competition is coming soon!


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Guest Blog from Jacqueline P Vincent Author and Good Life in Galicia competition winner

Many thanks Jackie! A regular Good Life in Galicia contributor and a hard working author of adult and children’s books.

I want to say a big thank you to Stephen of Cyberwrold Publishing for asking me to contribute to the Good life in Galicia blog, it is an honour. I so enjoy writing for the annual anthology and seeing my and other author’s work in print. They gives us a great opportunity to get short pieces out into the public realm, without us having to do the hard work of self-publishing, and boy is it hard work.

A Bit About Me.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m an author. I write under the name of JP Vincent for my adult books and Jacqueline Vincent for my children’s books.

I live in the glorious region of Galicia, Spain, which has as many beautiful beaches as the Spanish Mediterranean coast but far fewer visitors. John and I arrived here by invitation from the Autocaravanistas de Galicia, which is a very long story already published in The Good Life in Galicia 2016. (Click on the link for a free copy of the e-book.)

I have two horses, Okupa, who had a very sad beginning to his life and Golosina who is my ballet dancer. She spends most of her time flitting from one place to another on her toes, and he spends most of his time stressing. I am working, successfully, with both, using a method of natural horsemanship. We also have a cat, Freddie, who we found with his brother and mum under the eaves of our rented house in Arribada. Mum has since died of old age and his brother stayed in Arribada. We could never catch him, and our neighbour feeds him and the small colony of village wild cats, so we knew he wouldn’t starve.

Ancient past; I have four children who’ve flown the nest and are on their own happy trajectories in life, two live in New Zealand and the other two in the UK.

I originate from the beautiful county of Dorset in the south of England, where my family have lived for several hundred years and in the main were farm workers. One of my ancestors, on the Boyt side of the family, was one of the first signatories to the first union signed in Tolpuddle, Dorset. I come from a long line of pitchfork rattlers and my outlook has changed little; To this day, I write and phone those in power if I believe they are perpetuating social injustices, including a letter to the Pope and a phonecall with the President of the EU.


JP Vincent logo

I have one adult novel published, Mrs Brown, available on Amazon in e-book, KU and paperback. An uplit, historical family saga which follows the life of Angelina Brown from Armenia, growing up in Milan, meeting Robert, who she marries, in London. Together they battle death duties and debt to keep the family estate afloat, despite the spending habits of the Dowager Lady Brown.

I have also published The Red Kimono a novella, which if you sign up to my newsletter you will receive an electronic copy, free! The story revolves around a china statue, which sat on the mantelpiece of Jenny’s family home since her childhood, until vandals break in, now it lays smashed on the floor. The shards reveal a secret. A moral dilemma tale.

I have The Longing, an LGBTQ near future, science fiction novel, set in Dorset, almost ready to publish. The Longing follows Stephen and Paul in their pioneering quest to have a family. Coming soon!


My podcasting studio!

Since publishing my books, I have looked at different ways to market them and one I like is creating a series of podcasts. I have noticed that audio sales of books have increased, so it seems the way to go. A podcast show is one way for me to reach a new audience, one that prefers to listen to stories. My podcast show Jacqueline Vincent Author is currently being broadcast on Spotify, Google podcasts,, and

It is very early days yet, but this blog for my lovely friend and editor of The Good Life in Galicia series, Stephen, plus my monthly blogs will be available to listen to via one of the above broadcasts. The Jacqueline Vincent Author show will also have stories, with transcripts for those who prefer a text version.

Find me also on FB and Instagram: Jacqueline P Vincent Author



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The Dangers to Beware of in Choosing Titles and Author Names or Pseudonyms

Discoverability Online is Everything: The Right Titles and Author Names are Super Important.

Beware when choosing titles for your books, and using your own name or pseudonyms for your author name.

ALWAYS do a search in Books on Amazon before you settle on a title or author name. See how often its been used, what a search turns up.

Wherever possible use places or events or whatever people may search for in your titles. So for example a book set in Bulgaria about a theft – don’t call it A Stolen Diamond, the title is generic, there are a few books with similar titles on Amazon. Go search.

If you call it Bulgarian Diamond Heist nothing comes up on Amazon. It will stand out more and come up more easily in searches. Also people searching on Bulgaria and Bulgarian, or Bulgarian crimes will possibly see it in searches, and may buy.

Same with titles like Died for Love, To Die For, Her Killer, etc, they are generic and often used as titles or in part of titles, and your book probably won’t appear in searches till way down the page or on the next page.

Be careful with author names you use also. Never use Mary, David or even Ferdinand  Cross, or anything else Cross. A friend got caught out over this. James Patterson has a series of books out-huge selling books with a principal character called Cross, and those books come up dozens of times before anything written by someone called something Cross appears on the page. Remember Amazon is about selling stuff, not making Mary Cross easy to find, and they know lots of people will buy a James Paterson book if it appears in front of them.

If you are really called Mary Cross it’s a good idea to use a pseudonym, Say Mary Cruzar, cruzar is Spanish for cross and the name does not come up in Amazon searches in books, and this will help you sell books, unless of course you are famous in a particular area of non–fiction and have a following. Then you can possibly get away with being Mary Cross. Discoverability is everything. Never forget that. Being generic is death.

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Edinburgh LGBTQ crime novel in progress from Heath Savage

For thirty years I was a chef, with a parallel career; case manager in social services. I moved to Galicia in 2018, where partner, Sarah, and I have renovated a farmhouse.

I have won prizes for my poetry and prose and been published in the anthologies: The Good Life in Galicia 2019 and 2020 .

I write articles for a global English language online publication, The Local (ES) and I also blog

Born in Belfast in 1961, I’ve lived in Australia, Scotland, USA and Belgium. I began this book twenty years ago, after finishing my day’s work. I forgot about it until eight years ago, when an acquaintance; forensic psychologist and former detective, read it. He gave positive feedback, and suggested I should publish. Now, I am working on a cook book, and others in the crime genre. I’m developing the characters in this book, to create a trilogy.

In the late 1980s and 1990s I lived in Edinburgh. I was a chef, co-owned a bistro, and volunteered as a crisis worker. I helped run rehabilitation projects for people with HIV+, and those with mental health issues. I jobbed part-time on the theatre scene when I could. Death Festival: An Edinburgh Murder Mystery is my first novel.

Death Festival: An Edinburgh Murder Mystery captures the atmosphere of Edinburgh during a decade when AIDS and drug epidemics raged. The foundations of Edinburgh’s provincial past collapsed and the city’s present incarnation was built on those ruins.

This is a crime story. Like all good stories, it is a mixture of truth and fiction. Many characters are based on real people I knew and worked with. Some events happened. These are woven into the fictional narrative. I am painting a picture; some of the fascinating, far-out people and scenes I encountered, mixed with the triumphs and tragedies of my own experience.

Death Festival creates graphic snap-shots of life, love and partying during a heady decade in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. As AIDS and drugs rage through the city, a hedonistic, anything-goes party scene flourishes, alongside emerging violent criminal gangs.

A series of vicious murders shakes the gay community, in the midst of its famed International Arts Festival. By the end of that wild summer, a celebrated theatre director will be dead, in what looks like an erotic experiment gone horribly wrong.

DC Debbie Kane’s is a star on the rise, in the Lothian and Borders Police Murder Squad. Her mentor, Billy Alexander, is an old-school DCI, who has no time for modern policing theories or methods. He finds himself out of his depth and becomes reliant on Debbie during the course of the investigation.

Debbie’s colleague, and friend, Sandy Jardine, is a gay man, in her team. Sandy is torn between his job and his private life, and when he begins an unofficial, private investigation into the sadistic murders of three gay men, he creates a rift between himself and Debbie, which compromises both the official investigation, and his own life.

Local girl, Jules Hamilton is central to the story. Oblivious to all but her infatuation with the charismatic Webster’s strung-out girlfriend and PA, Jude Durrant, Jules becomes enmeshed in a dangerous affair with the complex, high-maintenance Jude. Debbie Kane accidentally uncovers this affair, which results in Jules becoming a potential link in the chain of investigation into Webster’s sordid and suspicious death.

This novel examines modern morality, and it challenges stereotypes. With wry humour, I attempt to shine a glaring, unflattering spotlight on our media-influenced perceptions of who is “good” and who is “bad”, while I explore love and obsession.

Crime fiction addicts, who want more than just murder and dark deeds, will love Death Festival: An Edinburgh Murder Mystery. Readers tuned into popular culture will appreciate its journalistic style. To Die For appeals to both male and female readers, in the 40-70 age-range. The quick-witted, punchy style will also appeal to younger readers.

A gay audience will appreciate the personal, humane and insightful documentation of what was a pivotal and painful time in gay history.

The Charlotte Diamond Mysteries Series: Discover Charlotte and Brenda

Cyberworld Publishing publishes the Chartlotte Diamond Mystery Series featuring mature lesbian couple Charlotte and Brenda.

How it began:

It all began in Book 1, By the Howling: Murderous Secrets

This is when Charlotte Diamond retired from being an investigator with the FBI to Diamond Cottage near Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, she thought she had left her life of crime—solving it, that is—behind her, and is struggling to find a new purpose in life.

And here the magic happens, when unexpectedly previously straight Charlotte meets newly retired Brenda Brandon, a secretly lesbian blockbuster movie actress, who arrives in the village in full retreat from a recent tragedy in her life, and both their lives change completely.

Book 12 in the series . . . ..  is coming mid 2021.

Sarah Newton-John – your Copy editor/proofreader

I love what I do and I love working freelance.

I am an experienced freelance professional available for short and long form content work. copy editing and proofreading books is a growth area for me on book publishing platform, Reedsy. (Please see client reviews and details of published works here:

I also work on a variety of projects on the Upwork platform, from regular academic copy editing to website text to romance series.

As your proofreader, I will revise your wording to read smoothly and be free from errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, lexical choice, repetition and consistency etc.

As your creative copy editor, I will rework the text where necessary to improve natural English flow and readability, enhancing impact and clarity. I will preserve your voice and style while refining your writing.

To discuss your project email me at

Sarah has been a contributor to The Good Life in Galicia Competition in 2020 and 2019, and she and her partner are great supporters of the project

The Good Life in Galicia Competition 2021

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Short  story competition and anthology from Cyberworld Publishing

In 2016 Cyberworld Publishing produced The Good Life in Galicia 2016 after running a competition for short prose pieces in the categories of fiction and non fiction.

In 2017 we added a poetry category, and in 2021 we are again seeking prose pieces in the categories of fiction and non fiction, and poetry.


Prose: Fiction and non fiction 1,200 to 4,500 words in ENGLISH

Poetry: max 60 lines in ENGLISH

Prizes: 15 Euros first place and 5 Euros second place in each section, prose fiction, prose non fiction and poetry (paid via Paypal).

All entries must be available to be published in the anthology “The Good Life in Galicia 2021” in e-book and paperback. Entries to be published will be selected by the volume editors and not all entries may be included (No payments will be made for publication.).


  • Closing date is 1 August 2021
  • All works must be about Galicia in a significant way.
  • No requirement for the author/s to have ever been to Galicia
  • All entries are to be sent by e-mail to thegoodlifeingalicia2017 ATT outlook dot com
  • Entries to be pasted into the e-mail, not sent as attachments.
  • All Entries to be in English.
  • Files to be in .rtf or .doc 2003 format NO .docx. Font: 12 point Arial. Style: Normal. No Headings style please.
  • Direct all enquiries to thegoodlifeingalicia2017 ATT outlook dot com
  • You can find more information and updates for the competition here on our blog or on Cyberworld Publishing https: //

DEADLINE: First of August2021