The Good Life in Galicia Competition 2022

Short  Story and Poetry Competition and Anthology from Cyberworld Publishing

In 2016 Cyberworld Publishing produced The Good Life in Galicia 2016 after running a competition for short prose pieces in the categories of fiction and non fiction.

In 2017 we added a poetry category, and in 2021 we are again seeking prose pieces in the categories of fiction and non fiction, and poetry.


Prose: Fiction and non fiction 1,200 to 4,500 words in ENGLISH

Poetry: max 60 lines in ENGLISH

Prizes: 15 Euros first place and 5 Euros second place in each section, prose fiction, prose non fiction and poetry (paid via Paypal).

All entries must be available to be published in the anthology “The Good Life in Galicia 2022” in e-book and paperback. Entries to be published will be selected by the volume editors and not all entries may be included (No payments will be made for publication.).


  • Closing date is 1 August 2022
  • All works must be about Galicia in a significant way.
  • No requirement for the author/s to have ever been to Galicia
  • All entries are to be sent by e-mail to thegoodlifeingalicia2017 ATT outlook dot com
  • Entries to be pasted into the e-mail, not sent as attachments.
  • All Entries to be in English.
  • Files to be in .rtf or .doc 2003 format NO .docx. Font: 12 point Arial. Style: Normal. No Headings style please.
  • Direct all enquiries to thegoodlifeingalicia2017 ATT outlook dot com
  • You can find more information and updates for the competition here on our blog or on Cyberworld Publishing https: //

DEADLINE: First of August2021

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Book Title no no’s

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