Book Title no no’s

No commas, apostrophes or hyphens please. The most important job of your title and sub-title is to help readers find you through search results.

Yes, you want that title to grab the browsing reader you are hoping will buy your book, BUT for them to see that title they need to have your book come up in front of them.

In a book shop these potential buyers browse books on shelves and books on the middle shelves, closer to eye height, will get the most views and a catchy title will grab their eye, and their desire to find out more about your book. But if your book is on the bottom shelf your catchy title won’t do much for you, Few of those bookshop browsers will ever see it.

Discoverability is everything!

Coming up well in online searches is the same. You must get your book cover with your appealing title in front of that reader browsing the digital bookshelves on Amazon, Smashwords or wherever. That is your goal.

Great reviews etc are the cream, early promo selling your book to fans and friends will help place you higher on searches that find your book, but if your title is not easy to find because buyers don’t type in the title correctly, becasue they leave out the apostrophe or comma in the title, you still wont come up near the top of their search results.


The Charlotte Diamond Mysteries Series: Discover Charlotte and Brenda

Cyberworld Publishing publishes the Chartlotte Diamond Mystery Series featuring mature lesbian couple Charlotte and Brenda.

How it began:

It all began in Book 1, By the Howling: Murderous Secrets

This is when Charlotte Diamond retired from being an investigator with the FBI to Diamond Cottage near Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, she thought she had left her life of crime—solving it, that is—behind her, and is struggling to find a new purpose in life.

And here the magic happens, when unexpectedly previously straight Charlotte meets newly retired Brenda Brandon, a secretly lesbian blockbuster movie actress, who arrives in the village in full retreat from a recent tragedy in her life, and both their lives change completely.

Book 12 in the series . . . ..  is coming mid 2021.