Guest Blog – Abigail Thorne, author – an introduction to our local mystery writer and a free book

A Gift for you From Abigail

Hi there, everyone,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Dawn Hawkins and I live in Galicia in Northern Spain. My husband and I moved here about twelve years ago. These days I write under the pen name of Abigail Thorne. I haven’t always been a writer though.

It started with a blog because so many friends were interested in our move. You see, we bought a wreck of a house in an area of Spain they had never heard of and it came with almost five acres of land and to top it off we had nowhere to live in the meantime, while we did it up. (They saw the lack of a roof and a bathroom as problems.)

The reason for the interest is that we weren’t the type of people to up-sticks and go on an adventure. We were, and still are, Mr and Mrs Boring. We lived on a modern housing estate with two children and a dog. Steve worked for a firm of accountants and I was a low grade civil servant. We didn’t do DIY or even gardening, if you don’t count a tomato plant on the patio.

I enjoyed writing a blog but didn’t think that I would continue once we were really settled because the chances are that we would go back to being boring again and our friends and family would lose interest.

We did settle down and when I found myself blogging about the life stories of chickens, and describing our neighbours tractor I started thinking that I would end it gracefully.

At about that time my friend, who now writes as J P Vincent, told me about her friend who was running a writing competition called The Good life in Galicia. I laughed, she sent me the rules.

The next week, as it happened, I was house sitting for another friend. I was without transport in the middle of nowhere and the excitement for the day was taking the sheep to a neighbours field and then bringing them back again.

After twenty-four hours I was so bored that I was contemplating leaving the gates open just so that I could go and round the sheep up again. So I sat down and wrote the outline for two stories and a poem. You see, I had misread the information. There were three categories to choose from. I thought it was like an exam, answer one question from each category.

To make it worse I also misunderstood the whole word count thing. I thought that the maximum word count was the exact number of words you must use. It took me ages to get the number of words exact. Far longer than writing the story. I have learned a lot since then!

The point I’m making is that anyone can enter, you really don’t need any experience nor do do you need to be especially clever. Although I am sure that Jackie’s friend SB at Cyberworld Publishing would be very happy if you are both experienced and clever it’s not a requirement. (I would have remembered that section of the rules)

Why not give it a go?

It’s open to anyone, anywhere, as long as you write about Galicia.

The books are available to buy and the stories give you a good insight into the area.

The reason I’m telling all this is because it triggered something inside of me. I couldn’t stop writing. Short stories at first then novella’s and now full length books. I wish I had started a long time ago.

This Month I have a special offer. If you join my mailing list Here or on my Facebook page

I will send you a Free Novella.

Rings Bells and Murder.

It’s also available to pre-order from Amazon and other major retailers.

Also Check out my website

Abigail Thorne Author – Storyteller, writer of words weaver of worlds (

In the mean time, get that pen out, writing is so much fun even for the bemused and bewildered like me.

If you would like to, but you’re a bit scared or don’t think you’re good enough, email me. I will be happy to chat.


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