Guest Blog from Jacqueline P Vincent Author and Good Life in Galicia competition winner

Many thanks Jackie! A regular Good Life in Galicia contributor and a hard working author of adult and children’s books.

I want to say a big thank you to Stephen of Cyberwrold Publishing for asking me to contribute to the Good life in Galicia blog, it is an honour. I so enjoy writing for the annual anthology and seeing my and other author’s work in print. They gives us a great opportunity to get short pieces out into the public realm, without us having to do the hard work of self-publishing, and boy is it hard work.

A Bit About Me.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m an author. I write under the name of JP Vincent for my adult books and Jacqueline Vincent for my children’s books.

I live in the glorious region of Galicia, Spain, which has as many beautiful beaches as the Spanish Mediterranean coast but far fewer visitors. John and I arrived here by invitation from the Autocaravanistas de Galicia, which is a very long story already published in The Good Life in Galicia 2016. (Click on the link for a free copy of the e-book.)

I have two horses, Okupa, who had a very sad beginning to his life and Golosina who is my ballet dancer. She spends most of her time flitting from one place to another on her toes, and he spends most of his time stressing. I am working, successfully, with both, using a method of natural horsemanship. We also have a cat, Freddie, who we found with his brother and mum under the eaves of our rented house in Arribada. Mum has since died of old age and his brother stayed in Arribada. We could never catch him, and our neighbour feeds him and the small colony of village wild cats, so we knew he wouldn’t starve.

Ancient past; I have four children who’ve flown the nest and are on their own happy trajectories in life, two live in New Zealand and the other two in the UK.

I originate from the beautiful county of Dorset in the south of England, where my family have lived for several hundred years and in the main were farm workers. One of my ancestors, on the Boyt side of the family, was one of the first signatories to the first union signed in Tolpuddle, Dorset. I come from a long line of pitchfork rattlers and my outlook has changed little; To this day, I write and phone those in power if I believe they are perpetuating social injustices, including a letter to the Pope and a phonecall with the President of the EU.


JP Vincent logo

I have one adult novel published, Mrs Brown, available on Amazon in e-book, KU and paperback. An uplit, historical family saga which follows the life of Angelina Brown from Armenia, growing up in Milan, meeting Robert, who she marries, in London. Together they battle death duties and debt to keep the family estate afloat, despite the spending habits of the Dowager Lady Brown.

I have also published The Red Kimono a novella, which if you sign up to my newsletter you will receive an electronic copy, free! The story revolves around a china statue, which sat on the mantelpiece of Jenny’s family home since her childhood, until vandals break in, now it lays smashed on the floor. The shards reveal a secret. A moral dilemma tale.

I have The Longing, an LGBTQ near future, science fiction novel, set in Dorset, almost ready to publish. The Longing follows Stephen and Paul in their pioneering quest to have a family. Coming soon!


My podcasting studio!

Since publishing my books, I have looked at different ways to market them and one I like is creating a series of podcasts. I have noticed that audio sales of books have increased, so it seems the way to go. A podcast show is one way for me to reach a new audience, one that prefers to listen to stories. My podcast show Jacqueline Vincent Author is currently being broadcast on Spotify, Google podcasts,, and

It is very early days yet, but this blog for my lovely friend and editor of The Good Life in Galicia series, Stephen, plus my monthly blogs will be available to listen to via one of the above broadcasts. The Jacqueline Vincent Author show will also have stories, with transcripts for those who prefer a text version.

Find me also on FB and Instagram: Jacqueline P Vincent Author



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