The Dangers to Beware of in Choosing Titles and Author Names or Pseudonyms

Discoverability Online is Everything: The Right Titles and Author Names are Super Important.

Beware when choosing titles for your books, and using your own name or pseudonyms for your author name.

ALWAYS do a search in Books on Amazon before you settle on a title or author name. See how often its been used, what a search turns up.

Wherever possible use places or events or whatever people may search for in your titles. So for example a book set in Bulgaria about a theft – don’t call it A Stolen Diamond, the title is generic, there are a few books with similar titles on Amazon. Go search.

If you call it Bulgarian Diamond Heist nothing comes up on Amazon. It will stand out more and come up more easily in searches. Also people searching on Bulgaria and Bulgarian, or Bulgarian crimes will possibly see it in searches, and may buy.

Same with titles like Died for Love, To Die For, Her Killer, etc, they are generic and often used as titles or in part of titles, and your book probably won’t appear in searches till way down the page or on the next page.

Be careful with author names you use also. Never use Mary, David or even Ferdinand  Cross, or anything else Cross. A friend got caught out over this. James Patterson has a series of books out-huge selling books with a principal character called Cross, and those books come up dozens of times before anything written by someone called something Cross appears on the page. Remember Amazon is about selling stuff, not making Mary Cross easy to find, and they know lots of people will buy a James Paterson book if it appears in front of them.

If you are really called Mary Cross it’s a good idea to use a pseudonym, Say Mary Cruzar, cruzar is Spanish for cross and the name does not come up in Amazon searches in books, and this will help you sell books, unless of course you are famous in a particular area of non–fiction and have a following. Then you can possibly get away with being Mary Cross. Discoverability is everything. Never forget that. Being generic is death.

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